from the White House European markets are reacting to U.S. inflation data, earnings reports, and news from the White House today.

Today, U.S. and European markets are reacting to a variety of news items including inflation data from the United States, earnings reports, and news from the White House. The release of inflation data is always closely watched by the Federal Reserve and today's report will help to inform their decision making on interest rates in the future. Meanwhile, European markets are keeping a close eye on developments from the White House as they await further news on trade negotiations and other issues.


U.S. Federal Reserve to release report on global inflation.

Jerome Powell reiterates commitment to bringing inflation down.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is set to release a report on global inflation later today. Inflation has been a major concern for the Fed in recent months, as it looks to raise interest rates. However, Jerome Powell, the Fed chair, has reiterated his commitment to bringing inflation down.

Powell said that the Fed would "act as appropriate" to sustain the expansion of the U.S. economy. He added that the central bank would continue to monitor inflation closely and would take action if it began to rise too rapidly.

The release of the Fed's report on inflation is likely to have a significant impact on markets around the world. European markets are particularly sensitive to any news from the U.S., as they look to gauge the direction of interest rates.


European markets reacting to U.S. inflation data and earnings reports.

U.S. inflation data important for Fed's decision making

The release of U.S. inflation data is always an important event for the global markets, but this time around it takes on even more significance given the recent comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. In his testimony to Congress last week, Powell reiterated the Fed's commitment to bring inflation down to their 2% target, and said that they would be "patient" in doing so.

This patience will be put to the test today as the latest inflation data is released, with economists expecting to see a slight uptick in the headline CPI number. If this is indeed the case, then it will add pressure on the Fed to start raising rates sooner rather than later. This in turn could hurt equity markets, which have been enjoying a strong rally so far this year on the back of easy monetary policy from central banks around the world.

Investors will also be closely watching earnings reports today, with major companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and McDonald's all set to report before the open. After a strong start to the earnings season last week, investors will be hoping that these blue-chip firms can continue to deliver positive results. Any surprises to the upside could provide a further boost to equity markets, while any disappointments could cause them to come under pressure once again.


White House news impacting market today.

European markets watching for developments from the White House.

The European markets are keeping a close eye on any news coming out of the White House today. This is due to the fact that any news or policy changes coming out of the Trump administration could have a significant impact on the markets. One major issue that the markets are watching closely is trade, as the Trump administration has been engaged in a trade war with China. Another issue that could impact the markets is Brexit, as negotiations between the UK and EU are ongoing.


In conclusion, the U.S. Federal Reserve's report on global inflation and Jerome Powell's commitment to bring inflation down is having an impact on European markets today. With U.S. inflation data being so important for the Fed's decision making, European markets are carefully watching for any developments from the White House that could impact their own economies.